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Aichinger V3 GmbH is an owner-managed real estate company. Our main focus is on the acquisition, development and portfolio management of commercial and residential real estate. By developing purchased land, we create space for healthy economic and social development.

Residential real estate

When constructing and maintaining our buildings, it is important to us to create modern and attractive living spaces for our tenants and to maintain them in the long term. Our activities include the purchase and sale of residential real estate, real estate management and real estate project development.

Current projects
  1. Müller am Baum, Miesbach
    Development of residential real estate.
Would you like to sell your rental property?

We buy apartment buildings and residential complexes.

Commercial and industrial real estate

We develop industrial and commercial properties and put them to a new, future-oriented use.

Current projects
  1. Döbeln, Alexanderstraße
    Letting of storage space.
  2. Verona, Costermano
    Letting of office and storage space.
  3. Raubling, Reischenhart
    Development of a logistics location, rental of storage space.
  4. Hemau, Neukirchen
    Development of a former timber mill into a modern location for vehicle preparation.